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Friday, June 28, 2013

BAA 10K Race Report

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Last Sunday, I ran the BAA 10k.  I had registered weeks before and was unsure if I would actually be able to run it, it wasn't until Saturday that I actually decided I would.  I was feeling good but just had to get over the fact it wouldn't be my best race since I had only run 30 miles since May 1st.  I went into it knowing it would be a good gauge of where my current fitness was no matter how depressing it may be. I was super excited to go into Boston and support the BAA in the first race after the marathon. 

I met up with a nice group of girls around 6:30 to head into Boston.  We were in Boston by 7:00 and just chilled out on the Common while we waited.  The BAA had requested runners wear Blue and Yellow and it certainly was a sea of Blue and Yellow that morning.

We got settled into our corral easily, I placed myself in the 8:00-8:59 seed with the hope I could maintain that pace throughout the race.  My heartrate was already rising waiting to start, I wish I could calm my nerves prior to race starts to avoid the elevated heartrate at the start.

Mile 1 - 8.21 pace
Mile 2 - 8:22 pace

First two miles  felt relatively easy but knew I would not be able to maintain that pace with the rising temps and blazing sun.

Must work on my form!

Mile 3 -  9:11
Mile 4 - 9:10

It started to get hard here and I was really just hoping to maintain my pace for the final 2 miles.  I wish I could say I held on for the last stretch but my pace slowed.  I was giving it my all but I was mentally giving up and telling myself it was OK to slow down.
If I close my eyes I know I can run faster!

Mile 5 - 9:24
Mile 6 - 9:31 (OUCH)
last .2 - stepped it up a notch to an 8:37 min pace
Final stretch!

So happy to be done!

Official Finish Time : 57:15

After the race I waited for the others to finish up, several who completed there 1st 10K.  We celebrated with Champagne.  I was back home and in my pool by 10:30.

I am so glad I decided to run and I'm happy with my results.  The fact that I had been sidelined from running for 6 months and I had only run a few miles a week leading up to the race,I think I ran a good race.  I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that my marathon pace at Philly last November was faster than my overall pace for the 10K on Sunday.  I will get there with time and patience but can't say it doesn't bother me a bit to see such a decline in my running fitness. 

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