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Friday, June 28, 2013

BAA 10K Race Report

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Last Sunday, I ran the BAA 10k.  I had registered weeks before and was unsure if I would actually be able to run it, it wasn't until Saturday that I actually decided I would.  I was feeling good but just had to get over the fact it wouldn't be my best race since I had only run 30 miles since May 1st.  I went into it knowing it would be a good gauge of where my current fitness was no matter how depressing it may be. I was super excited to go into Boston and support the BAA in the first race after the marathon. 

I met up with a nice group of girls around 6:30 to head into Boston.  We were in Boston by 7:00 and just chilled out on the Common while we waited.  The BAA had requested runners wear Blue and Yellow and it certainly was a sea of Blue and Yellow that morning.

We got settled into our corral easily, I placed myself in the 8:00-8:59 seed with the hope I could maintain that pace throughout the race.  My heartrate was already rising waiting to start, I wish I could calm my nerves prior to race starts to avoid the elevated heartrate at the start.

Mile 1 - 8.21 pace
Mile 2 - 8:22 pace

First two miles  felt relatively easy but knew I would not be able to maintain that pace with the rising temps and blazing sun.

Must work on my form!

Mile 3 -  9:11
Mile 4 - 9:10

It started to get hard here and I was really just hoping to maintain my pace for the final 2 miles.  I wish I could say I held on for the last stretch but my pace slowed.  I was giving it my all but I was mentally giving up and telling myself it was OK to slow down.
If I close my eyes I know I can run faster!

Mile 5 - 9:24
Mile 6 - 9:31 (OUCH)
last .2 - stepped it up a notch to an 8:37 min pace
Final stretch!

So happy to be done!

Official Finish Time : 57:15

After the race I waited for the others to finish up, several who completed there 1st 10K.  We celebrated with Champagne.  I was back home and in my pool by 10:30.

I am so glad I decided to run and I'm happy with my results.  The fact that I had been sidelined from running for 6 months and I had only run a few miles a week leading up to the race,I think I ran a good race.  I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that my marathon pace at Philly last November was faster than my overall pace for the 10K on Sunday.  I will get there with time and patience but can't say it doesn't bother me a bit to see such a decline in my running fitness. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Queen of Crosstraining!

Happy Sunday!  It's a bright beautiful day in New England and I really wish I could get out for a run today however I'm playing it smart and cross training today instead.  The title of my blog is suggestive of the numerous obstacles I've faced when it comes to running.  Since 2011 my list of injuries is long.

Training for 1st Marathon, Boston 2011 - ITBS

2011 Boston Marathon 5:08:45 (almost DNF due to excrutiating pain from ITBS, walked/limped final 6 miles

Training for 2nd Marathon, Boston 2012 - Hip Flexor strain/Labral Tear (almost pulled out of this marathon but trained on the arc trainer for 8 weeks and then had about 8 weeks of running to get ready)
2012 Scorching Hot Boston Marathon - 4:44

Training 2012 Philadelphia Marathon - Hip Flexor Strain and Labral tear acting up, again on arc trainer to crosstrain for about 8 weeks and had about 6 weeks of running after that to get ready for Philly.
2012 Philly Marathon - PR 4:00:23

After Philly I struggled with ITBS that I couldn't get under control for 6 months and could not run at all, so did alot of crosstraining and PT exercises.  Finally recovered from ITBS and threw out my back and have been struggling with back issues (bulging discs) ever since.  I'm going to slowly start back up running next week and I am getting a back injection in two weeks so hoping that does the trick.  I'm signed up for the BAA 10K but I'm pretty confident I won't be running that.  I hope to slowly build my base up and be able to train for a fall marathon possibly Baystate Marathon in Lowell, Ma.  without any injuries.