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Wednesday, May 29, 2013



Welcome to my new blog.  I used to blog at jillrunsforsanity but I wasn't too great about keeping up with it and have had such a bumpy road when it comes to my running.  I thought I'd get a fresh start with my blog while I'm also getting a fresh start with running after a 6 month hiatus due to ITBS and back issues from a herniated disc.  I'm still struggling with the back issues and hope to resolve this soon so my blog will be filled with my running adventures and my new approach to training  that will hopefully keep me injury free.  I've had a long list of injuries in my very short running career and hope to change that this year.    I am on a quest for a BQ and am confident that once I rebuild a solid base and remain injury free I can attain this goal.  In the past I've been in such a rush to improve my fitness and endurance and truly think this has contributed to my long list of injuries.  I hope you'll follow along!



  1. You can do this...injury free and BQ time!!

    1. yea, my first follower. Thanks Fancy Nancy, love your blog.